Do I need to find a housemate/s or a flatmate to share with or will you pair me up?

If you have a friend to stay in the same house or apartment with, then great. Otherwise we will pair you up taking into account your age, gender and year of study.

Do I need to be a student?

We accept all students or young professionals who would be a good fit to share the houses and/or apartments.

Is wifi included and is it uncapped?

Yes wifi is included in the rent and is uncapped. However, we reserve the right to throttle or limit wifi access should we find that abuse of our internet is taking place and is not being used responsibly.

How does electricity work?

Each apartment and house has its own prepaid electricity meter. You and your house/flatmates would simply contribute equally towards it on a regular basis. It is up to you guys as to how you want to do this ie monthly, weekly etc.

How often will my room and house or apartment be cleaned?

The apartments are serviced and cleaned once a week and the houses are cleaned twice a week. Our cleaning staff will clean the common areas as well as your bedrooms, unless you direct otherwise. They will also gladly do your washing (not underwear) and ironing, but clear instructions need to be left for them otherwise they will simply do general cleaning.

How do the hot water cylinders work? Are they are on timers?

In order to assist in saving electricity, our cylinders are set to go on for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. Should you need your cylinder timer adjusted, you would need to contact us requesting same.

Am I allowed visitors?

Yes you are allowed visitors, however you are responsible for their conduct and behaviour. You need to be mindful of your fellow house/flatmates and respect their space accordingly. No visitors are allowed after midnight.

Am I allowed to have friends or partners sleepover?

No. Only 1 person per bedroom is permitted at all times. Fines will be applicable for anyone guilty of breaching this rule.

How long is my lease?

Your lease would run from 1 Feb to 31 Jan, however adjustments can be made to starting dates subject to availability.

Can I get a discount if I pay my rent upfront for the year?

Yes, you will receive up to 5% off your rent for the year.



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